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Sep 20 2020
Sep 21 2020
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  • A man receiving a consultation from a doctor

    Wellness Treatments and Services

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  • Naturopath talking to patient


    Heal your body with natural, non-invasive remedies and by a license the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms.

  • Patient receiving an adjustment

    Functional Neurology Chiropractic Care

    Restore biomechanics and move more freely — pain-free and with greater abilities and ranges of motion.

  • Man in an acupuncture therapy


    Stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities and balance energy flow with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques.

  • Stacked Rocks


    Shift your consciousness and purposely focus attention to be fully engaged on the present moment.

  • Hands holding the sun with the blue sky background.

    Healing Touch

    Boost your body’s energy fields for ideal health and remove obstacles to restore optimal energetic flow.

  • Rows of bowls of nutritious food


    Experience fresh and science-based approaches to food, eating, dieting, and meal planning — all from farm to body.

  • A man receiving IV nutritional therapy at STRATA med

    IV Nutritional Therapy

    Increase absorption of vitamins and micronutrients with powerful, direct delivery to the bloodstream.

  • A multi-ethnic group of young business men and women in semi-casual office clothes are sitting on the floor and meditating to relax in an indoor, sunlit office.

    Executive Health

    Work smart to manage your health and balance professional commitments, responsibilities, and leadership.

  • Customer in a Consultation

    Free Consultation

    Arrange a phone, video, or in-person discovery consult and learn more about STRATA Med — and the first steps to begin your Wellness Experience.

  • Woman in a Bod Pod


    Find out how healthy you are and what is at the heart of your health. Our expert evaluations will uncover potential issues and chart a course towards true transformation.

  • Happy couple looking at the newspaper at home while house hunting

    Wellness Concierge Membership

    Access the best-in-class, and leading health and wellness experts with STRATA Med memberships. Receive additional messaging, support, and perks in between visits.