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Mar 22 2023
Mar 23 2023
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  • Hotel in Colorado springs. Garden of the Gods Resort & Club


Garden of the Gods Mountain Overlay


At Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, we want you to embark on an enriching journey. But we’ll go first. To give you the transformation you seek, we’re having one of our own.

The breathtaking sandstone formations and mountains that surround us have been shaped over time, created millions of years ago. Our history is not as deep, our change not as dramatic. But over the last seven years, we’ve had a vision of improvement and elevation and we’ve made significant investments to enhance the guest and member experience, culminating in one beautiful, rejuvenating package.

A new sense of place, a breathtaking arrival. A lively, energetic, revived high-end dining experience. And beautiful revitalized rooms, with a front-row seat to it all. We want you to leave feeling enriched and fulfilled in every way. Connected, in touch with nature. And everything else that matters. Balanced, renewed, transformed. Refreshed.

You’ve Arrived

As soon as you turn off the road, you’ll feel it. Your mood, lifted. Your energy, shifted. Everything else, behind you. Because what lies beyond the cobblestone path, the lanterns that guide you, is joy, peace, relaxation, discovery, wellness, and more.

From the welcoming arrival that signals you’re somewhere different, to valet service, to a refreshing wellness elixir at check-in, we love to make a good first impression. You’re here for wellness, relaxation, enrichment. And this is where your journey begins.

Grand View Indeed

Thanks to front row seats to our stunning landscape and its showstopping sunrises and sunsets, our Grand View Dining Room has always had a coveted place on the local dining scene. The refreshed interior is sure to turn heads: organic shades of gray, camel, dark brown, and blue that blend seamlessly with our view.

Natural textures like leather, iron, stone, and wood remind us of our natural setting. Transparent wine displays show off our fine vintages. And a brand stunning new bar with its hickory wood and onyx imported from Turkey, softly lit for an ambient glow, brings new energy and life to the room. Fresh local ingredients, a nod to wellness, robust wine program. But it’s what you can’t necessarily see that will make this elevated Colorado steakhouse a place you’ll want to be—the inviting sounds of cocktails being shaken, lively chatter around the room, and an upscale but laid-back and comfortable vibe.

Rooms With A View

We’ve always wanted our insides to match the grand beauty of our outside surroundings. Soft grays, warm taupe, natural browns, bronze, and accents of soft blue and green. Can color encourage feelings of healing, slowing down, and soothing? You’re about to find out. Beautiful limestone fireplaces. Cozy club chairs. Refreshed new bathrooms that make you feel like you’re in your own personal spa. Natural materials and textures such as iron, leather, and texture stone complement the outdoors.

Here you’re not only inspired by nature, you’re immersed in it. A serene escape at the end of the day. And did we mention the views? Each one of our newly renovated rooms have mountain and Garden of the Gods views, so there’s not a bad seat in the house. Now that’s refreshing.

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