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Jun 18 2024
Jun 19 2024
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Rolling mountains at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club
Garden of the Gods Mountain Overlay


Designed for people of all abilities, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club is proud and honored to offer an array of ADA-compliant hotel rooms, amenities, and services.

Two entrances to the hotel are ADA accessible and include the main entrance, which is a wide-open doorway that leads from the valet area to the front desk and concierge. The front desk is also ADA accessible.

To assist guests with inquiries, our concierge desk is located in the membership office, across the hall from the front desk. We have three guest elevators that are ADA accessible: one in the main resort area, one in the south wing of the hotel, and the third in the Gateway Building.

All of our meeting rooms are ADA accessible. Our Infinity Pool is ADA accessible by utilizing the pool lift. Strata Med Spa Fit, the Fitness Center, and all dining establishments on property are wheelchair accessible. Additionally, four of our Club King Rooms in the main building are ADA compliant, with hand rails and accessible shower/tub.

ADA-Compliant Accommodation Features

  • ADA-compliant accommodations: 4 Club King Rooms & 1 Cottage
  • Three-foot pathway throughout guest room
  • Standard tubs with 3 handrails, with shower chair available upon request
  • Handrails in commode area
  • Standalone vanity with sink in each bathroom, separate from the rest of the bathroom area
  • Bathroom doors that swing in towards bathroom

Accessibility of Public Entrances

  • Location: entrances are on grade with driveway; automatic doors at Garden Entrance and Gateway Entrance
  • Lifts: 4 elevators on the property, lift at Infinity Pool and Three Graces Hot Tub, lift into Kissing Camels Grille & Bar
  • Ramps: throughout the property with various changes in grade
  • Lowered or partially lowered receptionist/check-in desk: lower sections on both sides of Front Desk
  • Lowered or partially lowered concierge desk: no lower section, but easy for team members to step around
  • Restaurants: ramp access to Grand View, The Rocks Lounge & Bar; lift to Kissing Camels Grille & Bar
  • Pools: zero entry at Three Graces Pool; pool lift at Infinity Pool and Three Graces hot tub
  • Fitness Center: ramp to facility; space to maneuver in cardio and weight rooms
  • Business Center: easily accessible in central hall

ADA-Accessible Parking

To accommodate our ADA guests, we have 19 accessible parking spaces located close to the entrance of the hotel, Strata Med Spa Fit, Kissing Camels Clubhouse, and Recreation Center. The parking lot is well-paved and maintained.

  • Main Lodge: 3 ADA parking spots 240 feet from main doors using the exterior pathways
  • Strata Med Spa Fit: 3 ADA spots ranging from 110 to 130 feet from the spa doors
  • Wellness Center: 3 ADA spots ranging from 110 to 130 feet from the entrance
  • Kissing Camels Clubhouse: 8 ADA spots ranging from 75 to 150 feet away from the entrance
  • Recreation Center: 2 ADA spots 90 feet from the main doors of the recreation building
  • Complimentary valet parking

ADA-Accessible Public Bathrooms

  • Main lobby off of Grand View
  • Spa locker rooms
  • Kissing Camels Clubhouse, both upstairs and downstairs

Accessibility of Routes within the Resort

  • Main Lodge: The access through the main Lodge is on a single level, with a few variations of elevations that are accessible via ramps.
  • To Grand View from Lobby: The lobby is on the same grade as the entrance, and though the Grand View and The Rocks Lounge & Bar are one step down, there is a ramp between the two rooms for wheelchair access.
    • Additionally, for access to The Rocks’ terrace, there is a gently sloping path from an exit to the north of The Rocks that connects a sitting area by the Hill Memorial Fountain to The Rocks’ terrace.
  • To Lobby from Accessible Parking: Accessible parking is just to the north of the main entrance and there is sidewalk that leads up to those spaces. Complimentary valet parking is always available.
  • To Reception/Check-In Desk: The reception desk is to the north of the main entrance on the same grade as the driveway and entrance; approximately 25 feet.
  • To Concierge Desk: The concierge desk is to the south of the main entrance on the same grade as the driveway and entrance; approximately 20 feet.
  • To Elevators: The elevator to the North Club Rooms and the Mesa Boardroom is approximately 20 feet from the front desk on the same level.
  • To Pools: The Infinity Pool is located in the South Club wing, and is accessible from the lobby, down a sloping wall way to the Garden Room, then another sloping hallway into the South Wing. The pool desk is on single level and there is a pool lift.
    • The Three Graces Pool is accessible by continuing into the South Wing, taking the elevator down to the lower level and exiting the building, to cross the plaza to reach the gate. This pool has a zero entry, as well as a lift for assistance getting into the hot tub that is slightly above the pool grade of the pool deck. The Three Graces Pool is also accessible by taking the sidewalk to Gateway Building and the lobby elevator to the lower level and accessing the plaza from the Three Graces Terrace.
    • The Recreation Center Pool requires transportation to this facility to the east of the golf course. There is designated accessible parking and all curbs have ramp access to sidewalks and the pool deck.
  • To Meeting Rooms/Ballroom Area:
    • The Mesa Boardroom is accessible via the elevator in the Main Lobby
    • The Grand View and The Rocks are accessible from a ramp off the main hall
    • The Garden Room is accessible directly from the main hall after a sloping ramp.
    • Three Graces and the Sentinel Boardroom are accessible from the Main Lodge along the sidewalk to the Gateway Building, then taking the elevator to the lower level.
  • To Business Center: This is accessible from the main lobby by heading south on the central hallway and turning left at the bottom on to a gradually sloping section of the hallway.
  • To Fitness Center: This is accessible from the main lobby by heading south on the central hallway, continuing past the Garden Room, and then down another gradually sloping section of the hallway.

Route Accessibility Characteristics within the Resort

  • Level: Main Lodge is accessible through the central hall; all changes in elevation are accommodated by sloping ramps
  • Properly Sloped: One section of the central hall slopes to the Garden Room; another section slopes down to Fitness Center and then to the South Club Wing
    • Walkway from Accessible Parking to Main Entrance is properly sloped
    • Walkway from Accessible Parking to Garden Entrance is on grade
    • Walkway from Accessible Parking to Gateway Building entrance is gently sloped
    • Entrance into Clubhouse is on grade
    • Automatic doors available at Garden Door and Gateways Door
    • Main Door is staffed by Guest Services Team
  • Sufficiently Wide: Hallways are all sufficiently wide throughout the property
  • Without Cracks, Holes, or Other Hazards: The route from the parking lot to the Main Entrance is free of cracks, holes, and hazards; routes from the parking lot to the Garden Entrance and Gateway Building are also free of cracks, holes, and hazards
  • Free of Obstructions or Unsecured Carpeting: All hallways and public spaces are unobstructed; all carpeting is well secured

Additional Accessible Resort Features

  • Guide dogs and service animals welcomed
  • Wait staff will read menu for individuals who are blind or have low vision
  • Staff will read printed/visual information to guests who are blind or have low vision
  • Braille and tactile signage for permanent rooms and spaces
  • Accessible transportation can be arranged
  • Assistive listening devices for meetings can be provided