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Jun 18 2024
Jun 19 2024
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These exceptional body treatments regenerate and rejuvenate your skin through gentle exfoliation, nourishing masques, and beautifying enzymes. Feel the results of pampering your skin from head to toe.

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Strata Signature Massage 2

Strata Glow & Massage

A 30-minute full body exfoliation with a gentle and effective Environ liquid exfoliant followed by a 50 or 80-minute personalized massage using a deeply nourishing Body Oil with Vitamins A, C, and E, the combined treatment leaving your skin soft and glowing and your whole body relaxed.

80 min $255
110 min $310
Algae Deep Detoxifying

Algae Deep Detox

A unique detox immersion including abdominal massage, full-body exfoliation, and an algae mask applied using special massage techniques to support drainage and the release of toxins in the body. Concludes with infrared heat and a nourishing finishing cream, leaving your skin hydrated and your body balanced and energized.

80 min $260
CBD Wellness Journey

CBD Wellness Journey

Your journey begins with a CBD Wellness Elixir* containing 30mg of full-spectrum CBD, cold-pressed ginger, ashwagandha, cayenne and adaptogenic mushrooms to relax the mind and body before you step into the treatment room. Then enjoy a full-body exfoliation with infared heat. Your journey will conclude with an antioxidant
rich CBD body oil to soothe stressed muscles and restore skin health and hydration.

*The Wellness Elixir uses full-spectrum CBD, which contains trace amounts of THC (0.3%)

75 min $280
Mystic Inka Ritual

Mystic Inka Ritual

This Peruvian body ritual combines sacred Andean superfood-based body products with traditional indigenous practices inspired by the elements of water, fire, air and earth to gently exfoliate and purify, ease tension, regenerate and nourish the body and spirit. This exotic experience deeply feed the body, energizes the soul and provides the perfect escape to a sublime, magical journey of wellness, beauty and balance.

75 min $260
Massage & Body Treatments

Warm Spiced Mud Wrap

Seaweed taken fresh from the ocean is combined with purifying elements of peat to produce a mud wrap rich in potent antioxidants and minerals that act as powerful detoxifiers. For the results-driven client, this wrap has immediate and noticeable effects on the skin, including firming and toning.

75 min $260
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