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Sep 28 2023
Sep 29 2023
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  • Balances your body, mind, and emotions at the deepest levels
  • Relieves stress and makes you more resilient to stress
  • Induces a state of profound relaxation, allowing restorative, deep healing to take place
  • Causes the release of natural chemicals that have pain-relieving effects and improve your wellbeing
  • Promotes health and prevents disease by correcting emotional and physical imbalances before they cause disease
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves sleep, digestion and elimination
  • Eliminates cravings, allowing you to more easily avoid unhealthy foods
  • Regulates blood pressure and cholesterol
Initial Assessment & Acupuncture Treatment

Initial Assessment & Acupuncture Treatment

Following a thorough medical intake, assessment, pulse and tongue diagnosis, receive a full-body Acupuncture treatment that addresses current complaints and the root causes.

Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment

Follow-up Acupuncture Treatment

Experience the far-reaching benefits of a comprehensive treatment that includes thoughtfully placed needles, other TCM modalities, and follow-up recommendations.


Scalp Acupuncture Treatment

Scalp Acupuncture Treatment

Specialty Acupuncture treatments with great results addressing complicated neurological problems.


Relaxation Acupuncture 1

Relaxation Acupuncture

Deeply relax and unwind with a restorative and centering Acupuncture treatment aimed to quickly release stress and tension in the body and mind.


Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment Package 1

Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment Packages

Enjoy the full-body and mind benefits of ongoing Acupuncture treatments catered to your specific concerns. Experience includes either:

(5) 60-minute sessions ($425) or

(10) 60-minute sessions ($800)

Chinese Herbal Medicine 1

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Discover which Chinese herbal formulas and dietary recommendations can holistically harmonize your current symptoms all while addressing the root cause of your imbalanced state.


  • Kelli Miller 1

Your Practitioner

KELLI MILLER, L.AC., DIPL.AC., MSOM, MSPSY – Licensed Acupuncturist

Kelli Miller has been a highly respected acupuncturist since 2001 and is known for taking the time to really listen which causes people to and feel heard, and allows her to give individualized, in-depth treatments with great results.

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    IV Nutritional Therapy

    Increase absorption of vitamins and micronutrients with powerful, direct delivery to the bloodstream.

  • Patient receiving an adjustment

    Neurological Chiropractic Care

    Flex your structural health and physically move more without stressors, pains, or limitations.

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    Healing Touch

    Boost your body’s energy fields for ideal health and remove obstacles to restore optimal energetic flow.