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Dec 05 2023
Dec 06 2023
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Wellness Coaching & Mindfulness: Treatments & Services

Benefits of WELLNESS & Mindfulness:

  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Reduce worry and anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure and daily stress
  • Decrease cognitive decline
  • Enhance creativity


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Initial Integrative Wellness Coaching

Uncover your “WHY” behind your motivation to make health-supportive lifestyle changes and discover how simple habit changes can lead to drastic improvements in your overall wellbeing.


Follow-Up Integrative Wellness Coaching

Follow-Up Integrative Wellness Coaching

Integrative coaching provides individualized, on-going support and accountability so that the changes you are making in your life feel easy and sustainable. Optimize your lifestyle with a series of (5) 60-minute coaching sessions.


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Breathwork and Mindfulness Coaching

Elevate your mind and physiology through implementing conscious breath and mindfulness techniques that will support you in managing stress and promote full-body rejuvenation.

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    Experience fresh and science-based approaches to food, eating, dieting, and meal planning — all from farm to body.

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    Healing Touch

    Boost your body’s energy fields for ideal health and remove obstacles to restore optimal energetic flow.

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    Stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities with diagnosis and treatment of underlying imbalances.