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Sep 29 2020
Sep 30 2020
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    STRATA Fit

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  • A woman running on a treadmill at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

Personal Training and Fitness Coaching

Our certified Personal Trainers and elite Fitness Coaches motivate you to achieve your unique health and fitness goals. Beginning with an initial assessment and lifestyle profile, your Trainer and you will develop a realistic, customized plan to achieve your desired results, and educate you for an ever-changing, dynamic fitness future.

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Group Fitness Classes

Enjoy an eclectic array of Group Fitness Classes designed to suit every fitness level and every muscle group. Seasonally, the Group Fitness Schedule is updated with the most innovative and on-trend exercise classes to ensure you’re always motivated and challenged — and never receiving the same workout.

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  • A multi-ethnic group of young business men and women in semi-casual office clothes are sitting on the floor and meditating to relax in an indoor, sunlit office.

STRATA Team-Building Activities

Our curated team-building activities will improve your organization’s communication skills, increase awareness of challenges facing companies today, and help colleagues get to know each other in different ways. Motivate corporate wellness and encourage the team to contribute to a common goal in a relaxed environment.

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Guided Hikes Through Garden of the Gods Park

Start the day with a beautiful sunrise hike through Garden of the Gods Park — plus, get an insider’s perspective on the local landscapes. Ensuring a memorable and safe experience for each hiker, our STRATA Fit Hike Guides assess participant abilities, then adjust speed, mileage, and difficulty of the trails accordingly.

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  • A group doing a yoga class at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

Private Group Fitness Classes

For a different kind of Group Fitness experience, have your family, friends, or colleagues participate in a Private Group Fitness Class. Our certified instructors can schedule a private class, specifically tailored to your favorite workouts, and can be anything from yoga and spinning to kickboxing and Pilates — or even a combination! For more information, call us at 719-329-4009.

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    Meet The Team

    Learn more about our fitness experts. Find your next trainer, see your upcoming class instructor, and read backgrounds of the professional team from the gym.