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May 28 2024
May 29 2024
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  • Three Ways Strata Integrated Wellness Relieves the Pressure of Your Healthcare Needs

    Three Ways Strata Integrated Wellness Relieves the Pressure of Your Healthcare Needs

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Three Ways Strata Integrated Wellness Relieves the Pressure of Your Healthcare Needs

The precedence of our own health has evolved as more people are striving to better their lives with new and innovative ways to be “well.” In fact, Google receives more than 1 billion health and wellness-related searches every day. The experts at Strata, Colorado’s Premier Wellness Destination located at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado, have simplified your wellness journey to relieve the stress of healthcare.


1. Timely Appointments and Availability with Strata Practitioners
There is an increasing frustration with healthcare systems and procedures because of delays in medical care consequent of restrictions in appointment availability, convoluted insurance bills, and misinterpretations on behalf of patients and providers regarding proper treatments of root causes. These frustrations in healthcare are not foreign—which is why Strata modernizes medicinal and mental wellness in such a way that alleviates these stressors by offering the care of more than 20 doctors, clinicians, and providers all in one location. Healthcare services available to Strata patients include, but are not limited to the following: cardiology, chiropractic care, nutrition, psychiatry, psychology, women’s health, fitness, naturopathic medicine, and much more.

2. Expand Your Horizons with Customized Healthcare Appointments
At Strata, experts from a variety of medical and wellness disciplines are available to help you forage your own path to a better you, with customizable and personalized practices that cater to your wants and needs. Strata providers individualize patient care plans by utilizing an extensive line of tinctures, supplements, customized compound medicines, as well as Ayurvedic and spa services—all of which are accessible to further routinize your health and wellness. Our nutritionist can assist you in creating a grocery list, while our acupuncturist can guide you through acupressure therapy that can be done on your own at home. Physical trainers can teach you fitness and stretching techniques that help build strength and increase mobility. At Strata, you are given the tools to take your wellness journey beyond the walls of the facility to expand your own horizons.

3. Experience the Ease of Transitioning Between Strata Services
At Strata, patients have access to a team of doctors and care providers that work together to provide concierge medical comprehensive care. Open communication between professionals such as a cardiologist, mental health counselors, and dietician more efficiently create a customized treatment plan that will treat or prevent your health concerns at their root. This vital communication between Strata practitioners simplifies referrals, eliminates any guesswork on your behalf, and allows you to follow your journey to wellness with guidance and support.

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