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Jul 12 2024
Jul 13 2024
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Whether working in the office and leading productive, powerful, and professional teams, or tackling business inside the home as a man-on-the-go with family and life commitments from sunrise to sunset, us gentlemen need time for ourselves, too. And that’s where we come in.

Gents, welcome to Strata Spa.

Be your best self by taking care of you and experiencing top-to-toe TLC like never before. Enjoy a signature healthy juice elixir, change into robe and slippers, and steam and serene away into a peaceful bliss of refinement and luxury.

With the Strata Spa Concierge Team and their expertise in consultative personalized service and scheduling reservations, join us for energizing treatments tailored for your needs and timeframe, or experience a series of therapies during your stay and over the weekend.

Barber Cut

Barber Cut

Traditional men’s haircut using clippers and/or scissors. Finished edges with straight razor.

60 min $65
Barber Cut and Shave

Barber Cut and Shave

90 min $75+
Beard Trim

Beard Trim

Edges cleaned creating your desired shape, debulking or trimming length from facial hair.

30 min $25+
Head Shave

Head Shave

Standard buzz cut from 0 to 4 blade, same length all over.

30 min $35+
Neck Shave

Neck Shave (Straight Razor)

Hairline and neck detailing with straight razor.

15 min $20+
Straight Razor Shave

Straight Razor Shave

Relaxing hot towel and warm lather shave. Precision in detail performed with a straight razor.

45 min $45+
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