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Apr 18 2024
Apr 19 2024
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  • Kids running at the pool

    Frequently Asked Questions

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do i have to bring my kids for the whole time slot?

No, we charge hour per hour, so you can come and go at any time.

If I were to bring my kid at 10am, would I still get charged the full price?

No, we charge by the hour to make it most convenient for you and your schedule.

How much is kids club?

  • $15 per hour for members
  • $40 per child, per hour (includes meals and snacks) for resort guests

do you serve lunch or dinner?

Yes! During the summer, our snack shack is open and during off season we order through KC Grille.

Do we have to register or do you accept walk-ins?

Sign-ups for Kids’ Club and organized activities can be done in person during Kids’ Club opening hours or up to 4:30 p.m. the day prior via the member portal. Please note that during the off-season, (Nov-Mar), we do not accept walk-ins and without any sign-ups, Kids’ Club will be closed. For any other inquiries or assistance, please call us at (719)-329-4017