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Jun 18 2024
Jun 19 2024
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    Naturopathic Medicine Health

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  • This Naturopathic Medicine Health Assessment Focuses on:

    This Naturopathic Medicine Health Assessment Focuses on:

    • The healing power of nature through the power of preventative medicine and herbal remedies
    • Available conventional and alternative treatment options to address disease
  • Your Naturopathic Medicine Health Assessment Includes:

    Your Naturopathic Medicine Health Assessment Includes:

    • 60-minute individualized session
    • Creative problem solving and an understanding of how altering daily habits can result in significant improvements in your physical and emotional health
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Your Practitioners

JENNIFER HABASHY, ND – Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Habashy brings with her a wealth of knowledge and training in naturopathic primary care, as well as women’s health, weight management, and anti-aging medicine.

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Your Practitioners

KARLY POWELL, ND – Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Powell specializes in hormonal disorders, functional biochemistry, therapeutic nutrition and herbal/botanical medicine, chronic diseases, advanced diagnostic testing, genetic analysis, lifestyle coaching, and wellness education.


  • Decode Your DNA Health

    Decode Your DNA Health

    Decipher the double helix and learn how your specific DNA code can be charted towards optimal health.

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    Cardiology Health

    Find out this critical organ’s functioning efficiency and what your heart needs for proper, full-body blood flow.


    Men’s & Women’s Health

    Determine low or out of balance hormone levels and restore yourself to a full life by utilizing bioidentical hormone therapy.