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Sep 28 2023
Sep 29 2023
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  • A health care professional assisting a person with an IV at STRATA Med

    Health Assessments



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  • Decode Your DNA Health

    Decode Your DNA Health

    Decipher the double helix and learn how your specific DNA code can be charted towards optimal health.


    Men’s & Women’s Health

    Determine low or out of balance hormone levels and restore yourself to a full life by utilizing bioidentical hormone therapy.

  • A naturopath at STRATA Med

    Naturopathic Medicine Health

    Assess how nature and its natural remedies can be your best doctor in living a cleaner, healthier life.

  • Client receiving assessment

    Cardiology Health

    Find out this critical organ’s functioning efficiency and what your heart needs for proper, full-body blood flow.

  • Patient receiving an adjustment

    Neurological Chiropractic Care

    Flex your structural health and physically move more without stressors, pains, or limitations.

  • Patient receiving treatment

    Treatments & Specialties

    From functional neurology chiropractic care and IV nutritional therapy, to Executive Health and mindfulness, review our robust signature treatments and specialties.

  • Immunity Membership 1

    Stratafied Concierge Medical Memberships

    Access the best-in-class, and leading health and wellness experts with Strata Med memberships. Receive ongoing messaging, support, and additional perks in between visits.