International Health & Wellness Days

2 Hours for a Healthier You!

The International Health & Wellness Center at Garden of the Gods Collection invites clients to take part in a personalized evaluation of their overall well-being during our Wellness Days Events, each appointment constitutes a two-hour assessment with our clinical team for only $250 for a $270 savings.

Wellness Days will focus on integrated approaches to healthy living and the importance of ongoing self-maintenance. The clinical team will present proactive ways to add balance to your physical and emotional well-being. With the latest advances in traditional and complementary medicine, the highly skilled clinical team aims to help guide you on a journey to optimal health and functionality.

There are currently three Wellness Days to choose from:

February 9 | April 13 | June 15

For more information or to schedule an appointment call or email us at 719.428.2202 |[email protected] or stop by our office in Colorado Springs at 3314 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Your appointment will include:

couple checking into garden of the gods club

Bod Pod Assessment & Doctor Consultation

Our state-of-the-art Bod Pod system scientifically calculates both lean muscle and fat mass, allowing more effective targeting of the areas needed for effective weight management & physical activity. The Bod Pod will accurately calculate resting metabolic rate, providing you with the information you need to adjust your daily caloric intake and activity level for ideal health.  You will receive a doctor consultation to review the results of your assessment.

Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI) and Meridian Therapy with a Doctor Consultation

The meridian system is a concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and evaluates the pathways through which the life energy, known as “qi”, flows.  The twelve standard meridians are divided into Yin and Yang groups and the balance or imbalance of these meridians contribute to the body’s overall level of wellness.  For EMI, an electronic probe is placed on the skin over specific acupoints and the electro potential of the point is measured.  This examination is extremely reliable and accurate, quickly becoming the standard method of analysis. Careful mapping lets the areas of dysfunction to be isolated and subsequently treated using either medical or traditional Chinese acupuncture, allowing for supreme health and energy flows. You will receive a doctor consultation to review the results of your EMI assessment.

Naturopathic Diagnostics & Doctor Consultation

Naturopathic care promotes wellness through comprehensive investigation into an individual’s unique vulnerabilities and physiological imbalances that contribute to symptoms and disease. Employing non-toxic, natural therapies, naturopathic medicine aims to restore biochemical, psychological, and structural balance to the body to help you heal from the inside out. During your assessment, the doctor will review your health history, discuss herbal and nutritional options for care for any known medical issues, and provide a plan for a customized biomedical evaluation of the underlying cause of your medical concerns.

Nutrition Assessment & Dietitian Consultation

Receive a holistic nutrition assessment to see where you are presently in terms of diet, activity, and lifestyle. A registered dietitian will analyze the results of this nutrition assessment with you and help you determine your next steps to better health and wellness by setting goals, making recommendations for detoxing your kitchen, and planning healthier, wholesome meals. Your session will empower you to begin the transition towards a healthier diet and lifestyle.