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Apr 18 2024
Apr 19 2024
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Rolling mountains at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club
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Tracy Iverson

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

With 20 years of experience in strength training, rehabilitation, performance-based nutrition and exercise consulting, executive coaching, and post-injury rehabilitation, Tracy has worked with a wide variety of patients including world-class athletes and executives.

Tracy also specializes in soft tissue and deep tissue massage therapy, including muscle activation therapy, active release therapy, and Guasha scraping tissue. He often helps patients and athletes with pre- or post-operative therapies. A Colorado native, he enjoys mountaineering and mountain bike racing to stay fit.

Tracy’s focus involves body composition and muscle mass assessments via a 16-point caliper profile, and determining a personalized lifestyle plan, including fitness training, nutritional supplements, pre- and post-workout meals, and optimizing healthy living. He recommends using regular physical activity, exercise and nutrition as a preventative measures to avoid injury.