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May 28 2023
May 29 2023
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Staci Shupe

Medical Aesthetician, Laser Professional

Staci’s career in healthy skin spans more than 25 years, working in aesthetics, laser therapy, and medical massage therapy. Her background made her a great fit to join Strata, and she was drawn to the team because of the multi-layer approach to overall health, and the large number of modalities all collaborating towards that goal.

Originally from Chicago, Staci studied and worked in Hawaii for 30 years before moving to Austin. As an outdoorsy person, she’s thrilled to be in Colorado now, as she loves to mountain bike with her fiancé, and also enjoys reading and yoga. She credits her two adult daughters as her source of strength and motivation.

Staci’s focus is to help patients’ skin remember what it is meant to do, and return it to its natural luminous and vibrant state. She believes that healthy skin is achieved by focusing on overall wellness, including hormone balance, diet, and exercise. She advises patients to minimize sun exposure and to stay true to their heart.


Staci is a member of the Women’s Lifestyle Wellness team.