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Apr 18 2024
Apr 19 2024
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Rolling mountains at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club
Garden of the Gods Mountain Overlay

Shahid Rahman

Fitness Supervisor

Shahid was reborn on a TRX strap. “After years of business travel and poor fitness, he found that discovering his best self through challenging exercise and intelligent lifestyle choices sparked real joy and inner peace.” Since 2012 Shahid has trained hundreds of local residents in multiple modalities – strength and balance training, HRM-based endurance cardio, yoga-inspired mobility and mental focus. “I’m really interested in what inspires each of us to push ourselves in the Fitness Center – is it recovery from injury or surgery? Is it achieving our best “wedding selfie?” Is it restoring our personal glories from our athletic past? These are the WHY’s that inspire my clients’ training sessions.” His 42 years in Colorado have nourished a passion for bike packing, local food artisans and sunrises only seen from atop Colorado’s mountains.