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May 28 2023
May 29 2023
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Rolling mountains at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club
Garden of the Gods Mountain Overlay

Flip Aguilera

Fitness Specialist

Flip is a NSCA, Precision Nutrition, University of Miami Sports coach, Jujutsu (self-defense) blue belt, Chek institute Holistic Life certified coach and founder of Sweat Nation established in 2010.  Flip is honored to work with clients on rethinking and recreating their stories by utilizing proven holistic methods.  Flip has worked with CEOs, actors/actresses, athletes, and everyday hero’s helping them achieve higher levels of mind and body awareness through intelligent communication and personalized programs.  Flip’s coaching philosophy encompasses breath, mobility, stability, strength, nutrition & mindset.  Flip’s life affirmation is to do it by the book, but be the author.