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May 28 2024
May 29 2024
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  • Our Story & History

    Enriched by Nature:
    Our Garden of the Gods History & Story

Garden of the Gods Mountain Overlay

In the Beginning

The red rock sandstone formations set against Pikes Peak, now called Garden of the Gods, have long been revered for their natural beauty. Centuries ago, it served as a Native American crossroads where numerous nomadic tribes gathered in peace. According to local stories, the immense sandstone formations were considered sacred ground, and because of this, rival tribes laid down their weapons when entering the Garden of the Gods.

  • Mountains at Garden of the Gods Park

The Power of Place

The view has always been magnificent, and in the mid-20th century, when club founder Al Hill looked out across the mesa — with the lucent rays of late-day sun bathing the landscape in a golden glow — he knew he’d found his paradise. A powerful place, magnetic in its charms, unspoiled, utterly peaceful, and surrounded by awe-inspiring natural splendor.

Hill and his wife, Margaret, dreamed of sharing that view with others by creating what is now the nationally renowned Garden of the Gods Resort and Club. The Hills purchased the property in 1949, and shortly thereafter, built a private club, luxury resort, and residential community that showcased man-made elegance in an unparalleled natural setting.

  • Historic Photos
  • Historic Photos
  • Historic Photos

The Ultimate Escape

Following the official opening of Garden of the Gods Club in 1951, Hill’s continued vision was grand and ambitious: to create the ultimate escape where an elite, exclusive membership could find refuge and respite, and enjoy the finer things in life.

Merging the rugged beauty of the landscape with the refined ambiance of a world-class luxury resort, Garden of the Gods Club attracted fascinating people of means and influence: movie stars, titans of industry, politicians, artists, authors, and musicians. All of them drawn to its undeniable allure and discerning community of like-minded members.

In the ensuing decades, the Club’s unique culture and traditions were proudly passed from one generation to the next, shaping a timeless legacy that celebrates life well-lived.

  • The Garden of the Gods Resort and Club Entrance

A Change in Stewardship

In 2007, Sunrise Company purchased the property from Hill Development and the Hill family. However, in 2013, local ownership returned when business leaders and long-time Garden of the Gods Club members Brenda Smith, an accounting executive, and healthcare executive Judy Mackey, acquired the high-profile resort and renamed it Garden of the Gods Resort and Club.

With the ultimate goal of inspiring our guests, we strive to deliver in every detail, creating an unrivaled hospitality and wellness experience with the power to transform lives. It is through Smith and Mackey’s vision that Strata Med Spa Fit was created.

  • Couple in infinity pool looking at mountains.

An Inclusive Destination of Discovery

As we write the next chapter our Garden of the Gods history and in the legacy of this spectacular and singularly special place, we do so in a spirit of stewardship — balancing a vaunted respect for the past with an equally ambitious view of the future.

Today, we are no longer an exclusive club but rather an inclusive destination of discovery. And, as we evolve, we remain committed to Hill’s original vision. To share and celebrate the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club experience, welcoming all who seek to restore their spirits and satisfy their souls.

Celebrating 70 Years of Enriching Lives by Nature

In June of 2021, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club celebrates its 70th anniversary.

We invite you to scroll through our snapshots in time, and dive into decades of legendary history.

Our History

  • 2015
    Garden Refreshed 4

    Recreation Center Remodeled

    The “teen room” inside the recreation center pool building was renovated with new tables, chairs, games, TV, etc.

  • 2016
    Garden Refreshed 3

    Gateway Building Including Meeting Space and Spa

    The Gateway Building was built where the old tennis courts where located. They added in the Three Graces Pool with lap lanes, hot tub and private cabanas for members and guests to rent out. With this remodeled, they added Strata med lobby with treatment rooms and administrative offices, Spa lobby with a salon, treatment rooms, sauna and salt room. On the bottom level they also added the Three Graces Ballroom making this our largest event venue space holding up to 200 guests.

  • 2017
    Guests playing Pickleball

    4 New Indoor Tennis Courts and 2 Outdoor Courts

    The Resort added the large indoor tennis/pickleball courts and 2 outdoor tennis courts across from the Rec Center and Kids Club.

  • 2017
    Cycling & Strength

    New Fitness Facility

    The fitness facility was moved from the upstairs of the Kissing Camels building and in 2017 to the Resort side with updated equipment, Pilates room, and retail area.

  • 2017
    Garden Refreshed 5

    Tennis Pro shop Added

    The pro-shop used to be located where the cottages are now along with the tennis courts. In 2017 they relocated it over to be across the street from the Rec Center and next to the indoor/ outdoor courts.

  • 2018
    GOG Casita

    6 New Cottages

    After the Resort tore down what used to be the administrative building and Tennis Pro Shop, they built the six new luxury Cottages in its place. The Resort owns the Cottages which are three bedrooms, each with their own entrance and a main living area with a kitchenette.

  • 2022
    3.0 Working Power90

    3 New Tennis Courts and 6 Pickleball Courts

    The Resort added all new outdoor tennis courts and 6 designated pickleball courts to the end far south side of the cottages and casitas. This spot is a perfect location for guests and members to enjoy these outdoor sports without having to drive over to our Golf course side.

  • 2023
    Resort 15

    New Lodge Rooms

    The newly elevated Lodge rooms deliver world class views along side top tier amenities. Recently renovated including limestone fireplaces, remodelled spa-like bathrooms, and more that were inspired by the natural materials and textures such as iron, leather, and texture stone to truly compliment the outdoors.

  • 2023
    Food & Drink 24

    Grand View Renovated

    Grand View has been elevated through a welcoming Oak flooring, transparent wine display, upholstered leather panels, and welcoming lighting provided by our new chandeliers.