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Game, Set, Match at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

The winks of rackets hitting the ball. The melody of running footsteps. Play tennis as you never have before in a stunning Colorado setting.

 Providing breathtaking views of its majestic surroundings, our Colorado luxury resort and club offers two outdoor tennis courts featuring Plexi-cushion surfaces as well as four indoor courts. With a full-time, USPTA-certified professional on-site and a full-service Tennis Pro Shop complete with leading-edge equipment, fashion and accessories, members and guests will always be prepared for a game.

Please be advised that the Tennis Pro Shop and Team will not have scheduled operating hours until spring of next year.  Our professional tennis team is available to answer questions, book court times, or reserve lessons as usual.  Please call or email the tennis team at 719 329 4012 or [email protected] for assistance.

Tennis Attire

Tennis fashion has changed dramatically since the early 20th century, when trousers, cotton shirts and full-length dresses were the norm.

Proper tennis attire should be worn and shirts are required at all times. Collared shirts are not required. For your safety, please wear tennis sneakers. Please refrain from wearing dark-soled, running or hiking shoes, bathing attire, jeans, sports bras, sleeveless shirts for men, sandals, and other non-tennis dress.

For questions about our tennis attire requirements, please contact our Director of Tennis, Scott Leifer, at 719-329-4012.

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Tennis is Good For the Heart

Exercise You Will "LOVE"

A recent article by Linda Searing from The Washington Post posed the question, “Participation in sports has been shown to help the heart and to have other benefits. Are some sports better than others?”. The researchers analyzed health and physical activity data on 80,306 adults (average age 52), including the frequency and intensity of their participation in various sports. In a span of about nine years, 8,790 people died, including 1,909 from cardiovascular disease.

People who regularly swam, played racket sports (tennis, squash or badminton) or did aerobics (including dancing) were less likely to die for any reason, but especially from cardiovascular disease, than were people who did not participate in those sports. The reduced risk for cardiovascular death was 36 percent for aerobics, 41 percent for swimming and 56 percent for racket sports. Cycling and running did not reduce the odds of cardiovascular death. Click here to read the full article.

No one is too old or too young to learn the sport of tennis. Benefits, as stated by the article, include a healthy heart and increased mental sharpness.  Please call Scott Leifer at 719-329-4012 or email [email protected] for more information about our clinics and lessons for adults and children.


Indulge in the Salon + Spa

A sigh of vanilla. A hush of fingertips. Relax and refresh your mind, body and spirit with our full-service spa and salon complete with steam rooms, salt inhalation rooms, and infrared therapy.