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Welcome to Strata at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club. Our new integrated wellness spa is the manifestation of the vision of our owners Judy Mackey and Brenda Smith. Here in Colorado Springs, we present an experience that looks to the future, a one-of-a-kind health and wellness retreat where unlocking your ultimate potential is truly attainable. Amid the stunning landscape of the Garden of the Gods Park, our integrated approach to wellness helps you achieve new levels of health, healing and balance.

In our luxury spa and salon, pamper yourself with the best in cutting-edge therapeutic and esthetic services. With first-class guest service at the center
of all we do, the services you select will be provided and managed with impeccable, expert care by our team of accomplished professionals.

To request an appointment, please call or email the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa Concierge at 719-520-4988 or [email protected]

Let your tension melt away

Massage therapy is an integral part of maintaining energy and balance in the body. Its benefits are multidimensional as massage therapy affects the body on physical, emotional and psychological levels. Massage therapy improves circulation and aids in the elimination of toxins while providing complete relaxation. Many consider massage therapy to be the most effective treatment available to relieve aches and pains. Experience massages from traditional modalities to the exotic benefits of a Royal Thai Poultice Massage right here at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club.

stones in bag spa massage

Massage therapy is a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen. Relaxation, stress management and therapeutic benefits are experienced under the hands of our talented and caring therapists.

Strata Signature Massage: 50/80 minutes $150/$210

This relaxing massage, with techniques of light to light/medium pressure, reduces stress, emotional and physical.

Aromatherapy Massage: 50/80 minutes $150/$210

Healing powers of aromatherapy, sound therapy, and hot compresses are used as an antidote to stress.

Therapeutic Massage: 50/80 min $150/$210

Using multiple techniques at our therapists’ disposal (including deep tissue) you will experience both prevention and healing.

Neck/Back/Shoulder: 30 minutes $80

A focused approach to tension reduction.

Foot or Hand Balancing Massage: 30 minute foot OR hand $80

Combining massage and reflexology points, we address both prevention and healing for overall better health.

The Strata Salt Stone: 75 minutes $210

A new approach to hot stone therapy, our “obsidian-like stones” produce a constant heat and are carefully choreographed dissolving muscle tension.

Strata Glow Massage: 80 minutes $215

Combining the Body Glow with a full body massage you will enjoy the best of all worlds.

Couples Massage: 50/80 minutes, massage  of your choice $300/$410

Relax together in a private room designed for quiet and serenity.

Royal Thai Poultice Massage: 80 minutes $215

This profoundly healing experience combines a Royal Thai Massage, massage with an organic herbal poultice, Thai stretching and aromatherapy. Please consult our concierge desk for details and assistance in choosing the most appropriate herbal poultice for your personal needs. Three choices are available.

Body therapies designed to give your body a well-earned break

Our Body Therapies are designed for lasting results in high and dry Colorado. The finest organic products sourced from around the globe, along with exclusive techniques, create incomparable results. In order to deliver some of the most detoxifying and toning treatments available anywhere, we have sourced organic algae mud from a region of wilderness conservation on the far northern coast of Ireland, identified one of the purest algae in the world from the French coast of Brittany, and collected organic indigenous plants from the high altitude of the Andes. Each body therapy treatment begins with a highly effective and unique exfoliating technique to ensure lasting results and includes vital lymphatic drainage. Our therapists are trained by world-renowned educators to deliver unique and effective treatments.

couples getting head massage

Our Body Therapies are designed for lasting results in high and dry Colorado. The finest organic products sourced from around the globe, along with exclusive techniques, create incomparable results.

Strata Body Glow: 25 minutes $75

A quick but highly effective exfoliating treatment finalized with an application of oils or crèmes from the internationally acclaimed luxury product line Biologique Recherche of Paris.

Strata Glow Massage: 80/110 minutes $215/$295

Combining the Body Glow with a full body massage you will enjoy the best of all worlds.

Aypa Energy Body Treatment: 60 minutes $170

Aypa is a mystical Andian Incan treatment using organic indigenous plants from Peru. A Purple Corn exfoliant, Lucuma Warming Body Mask, Sacha Inchi oil and an exquisite crème made from organic Quinoa complete a treatment that awakens all the senses. (In-room private shower)

The Ultimate Glow, Head to Toe: 90 minutes $225

The most luxurious products are presented in this treatment exclusive to Strata Integrated Wellness Spa. A nourishing Hair Treatment applied with a stress releasing head
massage, and a relaxing foot massage … all are experienced under the expert hands of our body specialists. (Upgrade to MSR-H Body Crème for $25) In-room private shower.

Ultra Contouring Therapies to sculpt your body without surgery

The Newest in Body and Facial Sculpting, Inch Loss, and Rejuvenation

BTL Vanquish ME and Exilis Ultra have opened the door for safe, specific and dramatic solutions to firming, sculpting and inch loss. For permanent inch loss, facial rejuvenation and skin tightening schedule a consultation today. With no down-time and fast, comfortable treatments, the Future looks better than Today.

Call The Spa today for more pricing and to schedule a consultation – 719.520.4988

woman pinching her stomach

Award Winning for Body Shaping and Skin Tightening

The Vanquish ME is a revolutionary, non-invasive system designed to deliver energy to your body to eliminate fat cells. This groundbreaking design of energy frequencies eliminates fat without touching the skin. It selectively delivers energy to fat with no risk of overheating skin, muscles or internal organs and addresses large body areas in one treatment. The energy causes the death (apoptosis) of fat cells. With Vanquish ME, fat is literally melted away in a calm and comfortable procedure. We have combined other therapies including lymphatic drainage to enhance the results.

The Exilis Ultra was introduced in 2016 as the most advanced technology for tightening and skin rejuvenation. With the ability to treat every body part from arms and hands, thighs and back to neck and face this groundbreaking equipment simultaneously delivers two well-known modalities to achieve the desired result.

A Consultation is scheduled to determine the most productive plan to achieve your desired results. Performed in a series, you may address specific areas (eg. lips, eyes, neck) or full face. For Body Contouring, you may work on a larger area such as abdomen and waist or detail areas such as knees or thighs.

Consider these areas as focus areas for Vanquish ME

Abdomen | Love Handles Back |Love Handles | Thighs

The Exilis Ultra allows us to focus on smaller targeted areas for Fat Loss and Skin Tightening

Neck | Arms | Knees | Ankles | Bra Line | Cellulite

Exilis Ultra Facial Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening

Full Face | Eyes | Mouth | Jawline | Neck

Facial Therapies, put your best face forward

We are proud to partner with the exquisite and unique luxury product line from Paris, Biologique Recherche. Our team of uniquely trained estheticians, led by Rebecca Johnston, brings the Biologique Recherche methodology to each therapy session. With an international reputation for astonishing effectiveness based on a clinical approach to skin care, we use intentionally pure, concentrated and raw ingredients as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures. Experience a therapy session and discover a serene experience with astonishing outcomes regardless of your skin challenges or personal expectations.


woman getting facial

Strata Integrated Wellness Spa is proud to partner with the exquisitely unique luxury product line from Paris, France, Biologique Recherche.

The passionate life work of Yvan and Josette Allouche, now entrusted to Dr. Philippe Allouche, writes a unique and visionary page in the history of skin care. The Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astonishing effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated and raw ingredients as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

The following treatments have been designed for your retreat at the Spa. Each treatment will be personalized for your specific needs and goals and will usher you into a world of relaxation, renewal and regeneration. You may further support your continued transformation with a carefully designed home care program of Biologique Recherche and other effective products.

The Signature Strata Glow: 60 min $160

Designed for repair and rejuvenation, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. Using the synergy of meticulous handwork techniques on face, neck and décolleté with products of superior quality, you will experience visible and lasting results with a definite glow.

Reverse the Clock: 60/75 minutes $170/$180

Taking a facial to new heights, your most demanding problems will be addressed. Building on the insight that healthy skin is ageless skin, Biologique Recherche boosters will be used according to your specific goals. Pure, raw ingredients, sourced from around the globe, combined with exquisite lymphatic drainage and lift techniques, deliver surprising results. Extend to 75 minutes and receive the benefits of an additional specific booster or mask.

Remodel and Refine: 60/75/90 min $170/$200/$215

Beginning with our Signature Glow facial, we add the magical Remodeling Face Machine. The results of this treatment are immediate, lasting and cumulative. Using three distinct electric currents and one specific wave to stimulate tissue, plump the skin, and create that elusive red-carpet-worthy “glow,” your overall visage is improved with a totally noninvasive procedure. Increase the time and we will add boosters to achieve a double and triple lift!

Deeply Purifying Facial: 60 minutes $160

Embarking on a path of optimal health, your skin will be renewed and clarified. Beginning with a triple-deep cleansing technique, each step of this facial progresses according to your therapist’s discerning observation of your skin. With many tools at our disposal, you are sure to be impressed. A perfect facial to repeat weekly until the desired texture and health is achieved.

Perfect Analysis and/or Consultation: 20/60 minutes Complimentary/$50

Using the high-tech “Skin Instant Lab” your skin will be analyzed for issues that contribute to aging and skin health problems. The “Lab” along with your specially trained esthetician will prescribe the perfect home care products and treatment protocols to achieve success. Add our in-depth consultation to discover very specific action steps for an ageless lifestyle.

Gentleman’s Fitness Facial: 60 minutes $160

Male skin requires special attention. Begin with a deep cleansing process unique to our Spa. You will then experience lymphatic massage, restorative therapies and a soothing head massage
to melt life’s stress away. (This is a highly customizable treatment based on individual needs.)

Touch Therapy Facials: 60 min $125 plus

Our esthetics team has been trained to positively impact the lives of cancer patients with a healing touch during and post-treatment. Each treatment is unique in its design.

A la Carte Treatments:

“Building Better Skin” is the goal of each esthetic treatment at our Spa. To accomplish this end we have identified clinically proven next-generation product lines from around the globe. These products assisted by unique techniques and specialized equipment takes each therapy to a higher level. After consultation with your therapist, treatments off-menu may be recommended.

Peels 0xygen and Vitamin Therapy | Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) | Special Event/Wedding Preparation | Vitamin C Therapy Teen Facials

Master Therapist

Rebecca Johnston is the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa Executive Director of  Spa Services as well as our lead esthetician. Biologique Recherche of Paris has named her a Premier American Esthetician, and in 2012 the Best of Colorado Springs created a new category to award a “Life Changing Facial” designation. She has often been selected to represent the United States as an elite American esthetician in Paris where in 2015 she won a coveted international achievement award.

Rebecca has earned the widely respected “Expert” certification from the Ambassade de la Beauté in Paris, studying both skin care and body treatments and continues to study the constantly evolving world of esthetics. She is also a certified Oncology Esthetic specialist and Lymphologist.

The facial therapies at our Spa have been designed by Rebecca to deliver unsurpassed results and assist our guests in their quest for a healthy and age-less life. She has personally trained each esthetician in our Spa to deliver world-class facials.

Treatments with Rebecca are limited and scheduled well in advance. Please contact the Spa concierge if you are interested in an “haute couture” treatment.