Corporate Trekker

Get out of the office and embrace your inner “Corporate Trekker”.  Experience the wonder of “the Garden” from within its towering rock formations. Book your next meeting by June 30, 2019 & receive a gratis team building guided hike and sunrise yoga session perfect for beginners.

Adventure and health-based team building programs are designed to build your group’s wellness acumen, leadership skills, teamwork, and personal effectiveness. Your group will experience the power that adventure-based activities can deliver, as well as improve communication, cooperation, greater enthusiasm, and loyalty.

Book by: August 31, 2019
Stay dates: Now  – December  2019

To learn more about the “Corporate Trekker” program or to book space for your next meeting, please contact Lee Reijgers | 719-520-4989[email protected]

*Room rates vary by season. Program incentives are subject to availability. This offer does not apply to groups already contracted and is not valid in combination with any other discount or promotion. Group must consume a minimum of 10 guest rooms on “peak” nights for a minimum of three nights each, or 30 room nights total. Rates are subject to applicable Room Tax and Resort Fee. No cash value.

Benefits of Team Building Activities in Colorado Springs

Elevate Your Team

If you’re looking for the perfect place to host your next meeting, conference, or corporate event, Colorado Springs may just be the ideal destination. With jaw-dropping mountain views and more than 60 incredible attractions to visit, our city is guaranteed to inspire and motivate.

Team building exercises can have multiple benefits for your employees, including increased morale, motivation, and productivity. Taking employees out of the office to work together on challenging-yet-fun tasks can improve both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication which are vital for a high performing team. With these goals for your organization in mind, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, a luxury destination in Colorado Springs, offers a variety of adventure-based team building exercises sure to elevate your team.

Other benefits of this team building exercise include:

  • Improved morale and leadership skills
  • Clearly defined objectives and goals
  • Improved processes and procedures
  • Enhanced organizational productivity
  • Identification of a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Strengthened problem-solving abilities

An increase in employee communication, leadership, and confidence will be applicable to daily tasks and can even produce significant gains and positive results for your company’s bottom line.

Mission to Mars

Team Building That's Out of This World

It is the year 2076. A now routine Voyage to Mars has brought the latest human crew into Martian orbit. The crew, arriving from Earth on the Mars Transport Vehicle, is specially trained to replace the existing crew of astronauts, which has manned Mars Control for the past two years. Control of the incoming flight has been transferred from Houston’s Mission Control to Mars Control at Chryse Station. After arriving on the Martian surface, the crew of students must collect and analyze a number of planetary samples and data. The information they gather is vital to scientists and explorers to help give them a better understanding of the red planet.

This Space Mission Simulator offers visitors the next best thing to actual space flight with a Mission Control room designed after NASA Johnson Space Center and an orbiting space station modeled after the laboratory on the International Space Station. During a space mission, team members work as scientists and engineers to solve real-world problems in an engaging, immersive, environment.

Mission to Mars is a two-hour high adrenaline team building experience designed for up to 32 participants and is available for $1,000 per mission*.

To book your next meeting or team building experience, please contact Lee Reijgers at [email protected]or (719)520-4989. 

*Transportation to Mission Control  available for an additional fee.

astronaut mission on mars

Walk on the Wild Side

Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

Have a howling good time at the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center! On this one-hour guided tour you will see wolves, coyotes, foxes, and learn about their history, biology, & current issues they face today. The Interactive Alpha enhancement will get your team up close with a wolf. A photographer and wolf handler will help you experience and capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Private tours are available with a minimum of 30 attendees and is available as an enhancement to your meeting for only $50.00 per person.

  • One hour long guided educational tour
  • A meet-and-greet with a wolf
  • Photos of attendees at the Wolf meet-and-greet interaction (given on a USB)
  • Light Snacks

To book your next meeting or team building experience, please contact Lee Reijgers at [email protected] (719)520-4989.  

wolf facing camera

Go for the Gold in Olympic City

Become Top Performers

In this setting, teams will go head to head in Olympic themed challenge events! This event can be staged at the Resort and Club or off property to allow your team to explore local parks and spaces. Games are designed to fit all levels of complexity & activity and work for all weather conditions. In summer, your team can engage in rock climbing, bike relays, archery, paddle sports, golf and more. In winter if there is snow, we’ll tackles events such as curling, ice skating, hockey, & snowshoeing. A truly inspiring, competitive, engaging, and flexible team activity!

group of people celebrating an outdoor exercise

A Life In Balance

Discover a New Paradigm for Wellness & Optimal Performance

Take a unique look at what balance really feels like. As we go through our days and manage our wellbeing within all that life offers us including the demands of family life, work life, technology, personal values, and self-care.

At Strata Integrated Wellness Spa, the possibilities of achieving optimal health are as limitless as the surrounding landscape. Nestled within the breathtaking setting of the renowned Garden of the Gods Resort and Club you’ll find an integrative approach to elevating your overall wellbeing.

An innovative, destination healthcare and wellness center has come to Colorado. Applying evidence-based healthcare principles and practices with the latest advances in complementary medicine, the highly-skilled and compassionate physician team at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa intuitively provides medical and wellness services with the aim of restoring clients to optimal health and functionality.

man with golf clubs

Executives often ask the question ‘how can I maximize my performance’ and the answer lies in optimizing your health and wellbeing. Our vision is based upon data which clearly demonstrate that executives who take charge of their health and undergo a transformative change experience a higher level of function (physical and mental), have fewer health issues and demonstrate increased productivity compared to those who don’t.

  • IHWC provides the executive and his or her organization the tools needed to achieve and maintain optimal mental and physical health
  • Environment with a comprehensive approach where a leader can build balance and come to have all of his/her needs – wellness, emotional, spiritual, professional –met
  • Personalized/Precision approach
  • Incorporation of Executive Lifestyle Analysis to maximize the wellbeing journey
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Modules are built into your program to help you identify key health and wellness
  • Taste good meets good for you with Healthy Refreshment Breaks
  • No more bored board meetings – Energizing Fitness Related Meeting Break Sessions

To learn more about Wellbeing or Fitness related meeting programs, or to book space for your next meeting, please contact Lee Reijgers at 719-520-4989 or [email protected]