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Mar 22 2023
Mar 23 2023
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  • How do I explain a treatment with an Applied Kinesiologist to my family and friends?

    Strata Integrated Wellness Spa Q’s & A’s with Ron Apgar, LPC, CEAP. Director of Wellbeing

Garden of the Gods Mountain Overlay
  • What Is the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa?

    • The Strata Integrated Wellness Spa is located in the beauty of the natural geological formation known as the Garden of the Gods, it’s scenic and stunning presence was spiritual to the Native American Indians who often traveled through the region as a sacred refuge for peace. The wellness spa offers a unique opportunity for a comprehensive integrated health approach that embraces mind, body, and spirit. Integrated wellness is committed to treating each patient as a whole person, with the goal of achieving a balanced lifestyle by providing a comprehensive approach to one’s well-being, that includes being at peace with one’s self and experiencing life with mindfulness and well-being.
    • Treatment providers function as a team, providing optimum health education and targeting specific health needs, traditional medical and naturopathic health treatments, including internal medicine, cardiovascular assessments, personalized treatment approaches, IV therapy, chiropractic, nutritional, physical fitness, and therapeutic counseling services (including pain management). The wellness spa also features a direction designed for women and men’s health approaches. In addition, an Executive Wellness program is also offered that provides an inclusive screening, assessment and well-being track program for achieving success-oriented goals while maintaining a balanced healthy life direction.
    • The spa is located in the same facility and participates within the overall well-being team partnership with an emphasis on therapeutic treatment services in a peaceful and serene environment. The spa complements and supports the objectives of achieving maximum health, replenishing the spirit, relaxation and stress relief, and discovering oneness with body, mind, spirit, with a comprehensive spa program. The spa provides full services, including massage designed for pain relief, healing, relaxation, and stress release, inner peace and contentment.
    • The primary goal of the wellness spa is to ensure that each person discovers optimal health and well-being while trying to navigate through life experiences that often result in excessive stress and compromised physical health, depleted energy and vitality, mood fluctuation, and a loss of one’s balanced life.


  • Does Strata Integrated Wellness Spa take health insurance?

    • Strata Integrated Wellness Spa is an out of network facility, but all of its treatment providers are fully licensed and certified treatment providers in the state of Colorado. Patients may submit their statements to their insurance company for reimbursement. The wellness spa offers several treatment packages, programs and incentives for receiving treatment. The value is in the services that are offered, at the wellness spa not only replenishes health, but provides a pathway for engaging life within a balanced mind, body, and spirit approach that will continue to enrich and nurture one’s journey through life.


  • What is the benefit of going to Strata Integrated Wellness Spa?

    • What sets the wellness spa apart is its commitment to providing an integrated health approach that values and treats the whole person. Conventional health services have often been restricted and limited in their institutionalized treatment options. The wellness spa formulates its treatment plan on the belief that the human body is one essential part of a whole, which encompasses mind, body, and spirit (“mind, body, and spirit” embraces the understanding that our life-balance and well-being is derived from all three being in a complementary harmony: mental, emotional and spiritual health and wholeness).
    • The staff consist of professionals that are highly trained and proficient in their fields, and function as a team, a partnership dedicated to ensure each person receives a personal consultation, a comprehensive and preventative wellness plan, applied integrative health therapies for treating illnesses, diseases and infections, chronic pain, emotional distress, stress management and a weakened immune system, and other contributing health problems. In addition to traditional medicine, other proven integrative therapies are utilized that may be recommended including IV therapy, chiropractic, naturopathic, therapeutic massage, relaxation techniques, nutrition, acupuncture, counseling, and fitness. The goal is to create a health care direction that is life-changing and transforming, within a nurturing, caring and compassionate environment with the goal of achieving a pathway for lifelong wellness.


  • Can the wellness spa help me change my lifestyle?

    • Yes, the wellness spa values that we are all human, we all share in the one life we are given, we all share in life experiences, and we are all on one journey with the gift of life we have received. We all will likely confront a time in our life when we face the realization that we need to make a change in our life, which may seem unfamiliar and confusing with how to make those choices and decisions in order to achieve a new lifestyle that encompasses our entire well-being. When one makes an appointment with the wellness spa, you will be invited and introduced to the services provided, and most importantly, with treatment providers that believe and reflect a caring and compassionate approach to living life with the goal of making changes in order to experience optimum health. You are welcomed and we look forward to sharing together in this one experience that we have, which is our gift of life.


  • Are there any counseling treatment programs available at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa?

    • Yes, individual therapy and counseling sessions are offered with an emphasis on establishing trust and security. Areas of focus include individual counseling with a commitment to each person and their needs, resolving areas of personal conflict; communication and conflict resolution; stress; relational and interpersonal difficulties; compatibility; depression and anxiety; pain management; trauma; posttraumatic stress bereavement and loss; life stages and changing situations; career and vocational direction; transformation and creative self growth; self-esteem and self-confidence; spirituality; executive leadership and organizational skills. The wellness spa understands it is often difficult to take a step toward receiving individual help, but our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment, recognizing the value of each person, and helping to discover change and growth, meaning and purpose and inner peace.
      In addition, we offer several life group programs that include: pain management, eating and weight problems; interpersonal relationships and compatibility; creativity and self-growth; women’s health; men’s health; and spirituality.


  • Does Strata Integrated Wellness Spa provide mental health evaluations and behavioral therapy specific to problem areas that need to be addressed?

    • Yes, we do administer testing in the following areas: Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD); Emotional Self-Awareness; Stress; Anxiety; Depression; Anger; Personality; Posttraumatic Stress; Acute Stress. Testing is also provided for adolescent emotional and behavioral assessments. Testing can be beneficial in helping an individual identify specific areas of emotional and behavioral adjustments and experiences that can aid in the treatment process. The therapy treatment providers are licensed in the state of Colorado and have graduate education in assessment and evaluations. Testing can be helpful especially for an individual seeking help by identifying underlying areas of emotional conflict that may result in mood fluctuation, behavioral problems, relational difficulties, excessive distress, feeling detached, and confused. Testing is provided for adults and adolescents in several areas that are often common to individuals confronting difficult experiences, past unresolved conflict, traumatic experiences and emotional adjustments, and a loss of self-direction.