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Mar 22 2023
Mar 23 2023
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  • Self Care is Good for the Heart

    Self Care is Good for the Heart

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“The Spa” and holistic spa therapists are front-and-center in the “Wellness” world.

You may have noticed that most fashion magazines and countless bloggers now have an area dedicated to wellness in addition to traditional sections offering the most current advice on fashion, style, vacation destinations, self-help and relationships.  And it is in this category – Wellness – that we’ll now most often find the latest treatments for body sculpting, the lifestyle secrets of A-list estheticians and hair stylists from nutrition to exercise, or the newest research on the benefits of a unique massage therapy developed from an indigenous therapy.

This trend is coming of age in 2019 as the spa becomes a go-to source for practical and hands-on expertise in all areas of holistic living.  It becomes a bridge to and from the clinical side of wellness.

As an example, as diet trends come and go, we gratefully are much more focused now on a long-lasting nutrition plan that promotes a healthy body instead of focusing on weight-loss per se.  And no surprise, we find that what is good for your heart is also good for your skin and your body in general.  The inflammation that endangers our heart muscle also destroys our joints.  The food that clogs our arteries is the same food that attacks our skin and creates wrinkles.  Lack of exercise ages the heart just as it weakens the connective fibers and muscle that must support our body day and night.  The list goes on.

We are recognizing that the secret to a long-healthy life is no secret at all.  It is a discipline.

  • Find a nutrition plan that provides the tools your body needs to regenerate hour by hour (while eliminating foods that are destructive)
  • Work on establishing an early bedtime in a blacked-out room
  • Move every day in a way that challenges your heart and lungs and builds muscle
  • Drink plenty of clean water
  • Practice conscious breathing for a period of time daily
  • Make decisions that protect you from chronic stress
  • And most importantly, love and laugh with friends and family


In addition to these health pillars, I would suggest that you develop a team of specialists to walk alongside you.  Find a nutritionist to guide you through your specific needs, an esthetician who will be your skin architect and builder, a massage therapist to help you maintain healthy tissue and structural integrity or recover from an injury.  Whatever your choice of movement, find a guide to help you maximize the results and minimize any chance of injury.

By incorporating simple disciplines day after day, you will be rewarded with a happy heart, glowing skin and a body that moves effortlessly and painlessly!