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May 28 2023
May 29 2023
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  • IV Nutritional Therapy Q & A from Strata Integrative Wellness Spa

    IV Nutritional Therapy Q & A from Strata Integrative Wellness Spa

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What are some advantages of IV therapy?

IV nutritional therapy is perfect for individuals looking to improve their overall health, improve athletic performance, reduce the effects of aging, manage stress, and enhance physical appearance.

Why Receive Your IV Nutritional Therapy at Strata Integrative Wellness Spa?

All IV preparations are created the day of treatment (usually less than 1 hour prior to administration) eliminating the risk of potential infectious agents proliferating due to prolonged storage in a refrigerator. Concierge Care with all clients being cared for by Registered Nurses (RN’s) – not just an IV technician – guaranteeing the best care possible. Direct, on-site physician oversight with immediate availability of our doctors for questions, concerns or other issues.

How do I start the process of IV therapy?

All IV therapy treatments begin with an individual consultation with one of our physicians. In this consultation, potential clients can discuss their concerns, goals and desires for IV nutritional therapy. Each client will meet with our wellness doctor to review general health questions and determine the best course of treatment. All clients undergo baseline blood tests to ensure tolerance for all vitamins and minerals, as well as to establish a thorough understanding of physiologic needs.

What should I do to prepare for my IV?

We recommend that you hydrate your body by drinking water prior to your IV. This helps the cells to be more responsive to the vitamins and minerals being infused. It is also recommended that you eat something before your IV, to include protein, as some of the vitamins and minerals can be upsetting to your stomach. Dress casual if possible – we ask that you where short sleeves to have access to your arm(s) for IV insertion. If you get cold, we have blankets to keep you warm. And to pass the time, bring a book or magazine or plan to take a nap.

Do you take health insurance at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa ?

We DO Not take any private or company health insurances to include medicare/medicaid

(**with the exception of the employee health plan at GGC)

Do you draw blood at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa ?

We do not. We would give you the appropriate lab slip to have your labs done at the appropriate facility according to your insurance.

What if I don’t have insurance and I need lab work, Is there a way I can keep the cost down?

There is a few options. Here at SIWS we offer Membership plans which not only includes labs but also visits with our doctors/providers and much more. We also are contracted with professional Co-op, and Memorial hospital with specific lab panels at cost.

Can anyone come to Strata Integrated Wellness Spa ?

Yes ! We are open to the public. Members of the club, membership plans with SIWS and employees do receive a discount with us as well.