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May 28 2023
May 29 2023
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  • How to Combat the Opioid Epidemic...Without Drugs

    How to Combat the Opioid Epidemic…Without Drugs

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Opioids are commonly prescribed to manage chronic pain and the pain of orthopedic, joint replacement, and cancer removal surgeries; cancer treatment; injury; chronic illness; and palliative care. Strata’s integrated approach promotes healing of the body and can provide more effective forms of treatment than opioids, which only partially cover up pain symptoms. Opioids not only create physical dependence but also may have dangerous side effects. We have a group of expert practitioners here at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa who work together for the benefit of patient’s total health and well-being. Our acupuncture and chiropractic services stimulate the body’s innate healing capabilities. Acupuncture, a time-tested practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, should be considered as a first line of treatment for chronic pain. Chiropractic is beneficial when structural alignment issues are involved.

Acupuncture is widely used in the treatment of pain and addiction (such as that resulting from long-term opioid use). In the case of pain, research highly supports the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating various types of pain including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, chronic headaches, and osteoarthritis. How does acupuncture provide pain relief? Acupuncture stimulates the production of the body’s natural painkillers (endogenous opioids) and anti-inflammatory compounds, dilates blood vessels resulting in lowered blood pressure and increased blood circulation to promote healing, relaxes muscles and calms spasms, and provides stress relief. The natural substances produced by the body itself are without risk of addiction or side effects. In the case of opioid addiction, acupuncture reduces drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms, lessens pain, improves sleep, and supports physical and emotional healing.

The practitioners at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa are well versed in health promotion practices. No exception to our focus on improving the health of our patients is the treatment of chronic pain. We offer services in acupuncture, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, nutrition, mental health, and exercise that work together not only to manage pain, but also to address the causes of chronic pain. Strata also carries natural supplements with powerful anti-inflammatory effects without the side effects of traditional medications.

If you or anyone you know suffers from chronic pain and would like holistic treatment or if you are already taking opioids and need support in getting off of them along with new treatment options, Strata Integrated Wellness Spa is here to help.

By Kelli Miller, L.Ac., MSOM