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Oct 17 2021
Oct 18 2021
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  • Fitter By 50 with Poppy Potter; It’s Not Magic…it’s Biologique Recherche! 7

    Fitter By 50 with Poppy Potter; It’s Not Magic…it’s Biologique Recherche!

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It’s Not Magic…it’s Biologique Recherche!

To say that I was a “skincare skeptic” would be a drastic understatement.  Much of this stems from the fact that I have been genetically blessed with decent skin.  Frankly, I just never paid that much attention to it.  I didn’t have acne problems in my younger years.  I would not characterize my skin as dry nor oily. I’ve lived almost five decades with no real issues to speak of, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

In addition, since my husband is in the luxury resort business, he has overseen many spas in his day.  As such, I have been the fortunate recipient of more skincare products than you can possibly imagine.  I would try each of them for a little while and come to the same conclusion I always did…no magic here.  Drug store products seemed to suffice just fine.  I had no real “skincare routine” other than don’t sleep in my make-up and use moisturizer with some sunscreen in it.

So you can imagine my inner eye roll when I kept hearing about how incredible the skincare line was at the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa…a French line called Biologique Recherche (referred to hereafter as BR) that I had not even heard of before.  So in my quest to get Fitter by Fifty, I promised myself to keep an open mind, try things I haven’t tried before, and commit to taking care of myself inside and out.

First, the philosophy behind the BR products is one that I actually can get behind.  I’m not a fan of the traditional beauty brainwashing women have been subjected to for generations where it’s all about how you “look” and how you should look is “younger.”  I have never subscribed to that but many of my friends have and in so doing, I have watched them literally burn off their skin with chemical peels, get jabbed with needles full of horse botulism, or even go under the knife for surgery.  None of that is for me.  I just want to age in good health.  And if you are healthy and feel good, you are likely going to look good too, right?

BR’s philosophy is that our skin, the largest organ we have, is a fortress and its function is to protect us.  So we shouldn’t be stripping it, freezing it, or burning it all in an effort to make it “look younger.”  We need to nourish it, restore it, and maintain its natural balance.  The skin has its own ecosystem just like every living organism does.  To me, this makes perfect sense!

Secondly, BR takes a very clinical approach to skincare and their products are designed using that research along with proven protocols and procedures.  They are not based on marketing, focus groups, and whatever the latest trend is on the internet!  Again, to me, this makes sense.

And lastly, the formulation of the products is based on a clinical approach as well.  Many skincare products across the board have many of the same ingredients, but how these ingredients are formulated is what makes the difference.  BR uses intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients in all of their products.  You won’t find any fake fragrances in these products which accounts for the unique but not unpleasant smell.

So there was nothing left but for me to actually try them and decide for myself if these products are actually worthy of their cult following.  I purchased a total of six products…four more than I usually use…and committed to using them in both the morning and the evening.

1) Vegetal Cleansing Milk—to cleanse the skin both morning and night from all the dirt, oil, and other toxins that we encounter throughout the day and emit from our skin overnight.

2) Lotion P50V 1970 –probably most people’s favorite product in the whole line which exfoliates, hydrates, and balances the pH of the skin.

3)  Oxygenating Complex Face Mask—this can be used everyday but I use it two or three times a week as a moisturizing face mask.

4)  L’Eauxygenante Face Mist—this is an oxygenating and moisturizing face mist that can be used during and after the face mask or anytime throughout the day to give yourself a little moisture refresh.

5) Elastine Pure Serum Authentique—just as the name implies, this is highly concentrated biological elastin used to improve the elasticity of the skin.

6) Crème VIP O2—this super smooth and light crème tightens pores, protects against pollution, hydrates the skin, and reduces redness.

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed that now my skincare regimen took several minutes each day instead of just a few seconds!  And of course, as someone who was used to paying nothing or at most, drugstore prices for products, I wasn’t sure if the investment in Biologique Recherche was going to be worth it.  In fact, I secretly hoped that I wouldn’t like them so I could go back to my drawerful of moisturizers and be done with it.  But the truth is, after only the third day, I could really SEE and FEEL a huge difference in my skin.  While I may not have actually thought there was anything wrong with my skin before, once I saw and felt what it was actually like to have it healthier and restored to its natural balance…wow!!  And for people that do have specific skin issues, I can only imagine that these products actually do seem magical.

But it’s not magic…it’s Biologique Recherche…and after 30 days of using it , you can officially add me to the long list of devotees.

Until then, I’m Poppy Potter trying to get Fitter by Fifty!