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May 28 2023
May 29 2023
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  • Strata Integrated Wellness Spa - IV Nutriion

    5 Things You Should Do
    Before Your IV
    Nutritional Therapy

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We are excited to hear that you are coming in for IV nutritional therapy as part of your treatment plan. Below is a list of suggestions you can do before your IV to make it an even better experience!

1.   Hydrate.   You are asking yourself why – won’t the IV rehydrate me?  The minerals and vitamins infused via IV are dehydrating at the cellular level and your body will be more responsive if you are hydrated prior to starting the IV.  Also, if you are low on fluids the veins in your arms will be smaller and they tend to hide on us when we are looking for the best site to start your IV.  Your response to the IV and finding a vein will be improved by drinking a few glasses of water before your appointment.

2.  Eat.   We ask that you eat prior to your appointment time – make sure protein is part of the meal/snack.  Some of the vitamins and minerals can cause nausea if infused on an empty stomach.

3.  Relax and breathe.  Once you are seated in the recliner chair waiting for your IV to begin, take a few minutes to relax.  Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths in and out.  Count slowly to 5 on the inhale and exhale.  This will help release any nervous tension and prepare you for your treatment.

4.  Bring along a book or music.  Depending on the type of IV you will be receiving, it may infuse over 2 hours.  Bring those magazines you have not had time to read, the book you have been waiting to start or your favorite music along with ear buds to enjoy.  This time is yours so enjoy!

5.  Wear comfortable clothes.   No need to dress up for your IV!  We recommend a short sleeve top or sleeves that can be rolled up above the elbow.  And wear those comfy pants and socks – especially if you have tendency to get cold.  We have comfy blankets for you to stay warm if needed.

All the above are suggestions to make this experience comfortable for you!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Angie Barber, RN